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29 January 2009

ukphonebook.com has launched i-phonebook, the UK’s first comprehensive online telephone directory specifically designed for mobile phones, and including full residential and business listings.

The number of mobile phones used for web access in the UK reached 7.3 million in 2008. In response to this, ukphonebook.com decided to develop a version of their site that was geared towards the mobile user.

“People accessing the Internet from their phones generally have less time to browse around,” says John Lewis, Managing Director of Simunix Ltd., the company behind ukphonebook.com and other directory services, “therefore, we realised the need for a version of our service that had a mobile friendly interface; one that allowed quick and easy navigation around the site. ”

i-phonebook is compatible with all mobile phones with browsing capabilities but has also managed to maintain its key features within the limited screen space. As well as performing telephone and address searches, users are still able to search the electoral roll and share their results via email or text. They can also call someone directly from the browser by selecting the number on the search results page.

The development of this mobile optimised version of ukphonebook.com provides easy access to all these services without the need of a PC.

John Lewis continued, “The aim of i-phonebook is to make our service accessible on a mobile, but in a format that is easier to navigate than a normal web-based directory. It was important to us, that we maintain the same quality of content that you would expect from ukphonebook.com.”

With an increasing number of websites being optimised for mobile devices, i-phonebook represents an extension of the online telephone directory provider that demonstrates its ability to evolve with the developing new media.

To use the service, go to www.iphonebook.co.uk


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